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Known for being one of the most dynamic full-service marketing agencies around, Big Marketing delivers the best ways to get more from your marketing spend

Specialists in developing ideas and campaigns that are ahead of the game within the Automotive, SME and service industries and proven in delivering results

Imagine working with a company that prides themselves on enthusiasm and adding value to your business

Imagine working with a company that has the expertise, industry knowledge and know how, to give your marketing the cutting edge in a very efficient and timely manor...

Established in 2000, Big Marketing really wasn’t that big. In fact, it began with just two people who had the hunger and the passion to learn, grow, adapt and ultimately provide an advertising and marketing service that would become second to none.

As the years passed Big Marketing quickly expanded, adding specialist team members and increasing the number of services offered by recruiting online marketing experts, whizz kid developers and talented designers.

Now Big are at the privileged stage where there’s literally nothing they cannot offer their clients, being one of the only true full-service agencies.

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Digital Marketing

Online or digital marketing has to be an essential and prominent part of your marketing schedule. If it’s not, you’ll struggle and you’ll get left behind. We specialise in all forms of online marketing, including everything from Google, PPC and SEO, getting you to the top of search engine rankings, right the way through to social media, filming and promotional videos to increase your customer engagement awareness and ultimately sales.

Website Design

Your website is the online or digital foundation of your business. We understand that you wouldn’t build a house on poor foundations and the same applies to your business. With our team of website designers and PHP developers, the sky’s the limit. Given our ability to cater for all your website needs from a small microsite to a fully responsive site (that’s one viewed on desktops, mobiles and tablets), we truly believe that we at Big provide the best solution.

Branding & Design

We understand that your branding isn’t just your logo. It’s the life and soul of your business. It’s your identity; it’s what makes you special and unique – and it can be the defining difference between its success and failure. We understand how important branding is and how it needs to be done right. We don’t just create logos; we create full brand guidelines with a brand tone of voice and philosophy, enabling you to maintain, build and grow your branding and your company image.

Traditional Marketing

Offline or traditional marketing still holds a vital part of the marketing mix and its power and reach should never be overlooked. We’ve come up with some inventive ways to get your message across. Our highly talented creative team of graphic designers, art director and writers can turn the smallest brief into a work of art. Should you want to do something ‘BIG’, our fleet of mobile ad-vans provide a massive 'wow' factor and huge visual awareness to any campaign.